Shin Splints Remedies

Shin splints remedies at home

When it comes to dealing with shin splints there are a number of different ‘home remedies’ you can try. Often the best way to treat shin splints is to take action at the first sign of pain and to keep treating them even when the pain has subsided. Taking proper action even when you aren’t suffering from shin splints will mean it is much less likely that you will suffer from them again.

If you haven’t already, then you might want to check out this acrticle where we have outlined the most common causes of shin splints. This will give you an idea of the symptoms to look out for (it’s likely that you are already suffering from these symptoms if you are reading this article, but it is a good idea to be fully aware of what you are looking out for when it comes to shin splints so you can act fast!).

5 shin splints remedies

  1. Don’t grit your teeth and bare it. Fighting through the pain is a bad idea! Rest, ice, rest, ice.. That should be the pattern to follow once you have identified shin splints’ ugly head. Powering through the pain will only make things worse. I know, it’s oh-so-tempting to brush off the pain and carry on, but it’s not worth it, I promise you! Sometimes just taking a step back and resting for a few days can make all the difference, if you catch it early enough.
  2. Tape it. Taping your shins, adding a compression sleeve or wrapping them in bandages (attractive, I know!) can often allow some relief to the inflamed area. It works by helping the circulation of blood through the shins and allowing the damaged tissue the blood flow it needs. It can also help by supporting the damaged tissue to prevent any further damage. Win win.
  3. Kill it. Over the counter pain killers can sometimes be enough (just make sure this doesn’t conflict with remedy #1 above!) to allow some relief from the pain. They won’t necessarily help with the inflammation, but they can give you some freedom from the pain. Pregnant women or individuals already taking prescription drugs and medicines must consult their doctor before adding painkillers to their treatment plan.

    shin splints calf stretch

    Stretching your calf muscles for shin splints.

  4. Stretch it. There are some stretches you can perform for the lower leg that can help to ease the tension (and in some cases, the inflammation). Stretching the calf muscles (back of the lower leg, behind the shins) can often be the most beneficial area to stretch, however, it can also be the most uncomfortable to perform as it can cause pressure on the painful shin area (see the image to the right for a demonstration of stretching your calf muscles). Therefore, stretching the affected shin muscles can often result in quickest and easiest form of pain relief. Simply sit down with your legs straight out in front of you and point your toes like a ballerina. You should begin to feel a stretch along the muscles on top of the shins. The longer and more often you can point your toes, the better.
  5. Walk it. This is a simple exercise you can perform as often as possible throughout the day (within reason and without causing additional pain). Simply alternate walking on your heals for 30 seconds and walking normally for 30 seconds. This enables blood flow and stretches out the calf muscles allowing for some pain relief. For extra effectiveness you could combine this with the stretching from tip #4 by pointing your toes like a ballerina. This will stretch out the muscles around the shins as well enabling full mobility around the ankles and shins for the best results.

The above list will help you get started along your path to shin splints freedom. Treating shin splints from home is a definite possibility (and a necessity in a lot of cases). The above list of shin splints remedies may completely eradicate your shin splints. In which case, great! If not, then don’t fret. As mentioned on previous pages of this website we recommend a fantastic set of books and guides by our friend Gary Buchenic. He is the man responsible for helping me beat my shin splints after suffering with them in silence for many, many years, so we trust him completely! Click here to go to his website and find out more about his treatment plans.